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Landscape Design Made Easy.
Never before has creating your outdoor landscape vision been this easy. It's now just a click away. Kinwood Online Design, a new way to connect with an expert team of landscape designers and architects. Working one-on-one with your dedicated team, it puts your ideas at your fingertips, wherever and whenever, right from your computer. Our five-step process takes three minutes: select a plan, connect online, submit your photos and measurements and after your approval, receive your design. Then your outdoor living dreams turn to reality.
We offer easy-to-understand menu-style pricing and packages. Just select what you're looking for and receive a free estimate. There's no obligation until the job
in finished.
Once we receive your "connect" information, we’ll set up a complimentary no-obligation meeting with you and a designer to determine your needs.
If a survey is needed, your design team will arrange it. You don’t have to do anything else. If you have a plot plan and don’t need a survey, simply submit your measurements and photos.
Conceptual drawing
A scaled conceptual drawing is created and submitted for approval. This process isn’t finalized until you're 100% satisfied.

Master Plan
A master plan is created with accurate-to-scale dimensions. It can be included as part of your package or can be a customized design, depending on your needs.
Finally, the exciting part. You get to see the design up close. We will email you a PDF. Then your dream turns into reality.

Customer Advantages

Kinwood Online Design is a brand that focuses on simplicity and quality landscape and design. Our easy, five-step process optimizes customer interaction and satisfaction. It gives customers the freedom to create something uniquely theirs without worrying about making an impulse purchase when working with a landscaper or dealing with annoying sales calls. Customers have the time to research landscapers and choose the right one for their style and needs.

Everyone knows big landscape projects can represent a huge investment. Kinwood gives customers the flexibility to make a plan while helping them save money.

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