Backyard Date Night

In a perfect world couples would be able to get away for a night or two to relax and reconnect on a regular basis. Baby sitters would always be available, especially at the last minute so you could have a date night out on the town.

Reality is that life does not always go as planned. You get married, babies are born, money gets tight, and the last thing on your mind is romance and date nights. Why does it need to be so hard to have a little alone time with the one you love?

What if date night doesn't have to be so hard to pull off? Would your marriage thrive? Would you and your significant other connect more often and enjoy the relationship you always talked about? Bring on the glorious Stay-at-Home Date Night! No Babysitters or dinner reservations needed for this Date Night!

More and more couples are investing in their relationships by building a little romantic sanctuary right in their own backyard. All it takes to connect is to put the kids to bed, pour a glass of wine and step outside to your own romantic getaway.

A beautiful fireplace area is the perfect spot for you to relax and unwind. But it’s not just the fireplace that will make it romantic. It's creating the ambience that you will both enjoy with the perfect finishing touches. Below is a list of things to consider when creating your backyard date night paradise.

Decorations: Look at the picture above. What stands out to you? Yes of course the amazing fireplace but what makes the space is the accessories that help accent the fireplace. The candles, rug and the furniture make this space look more inviting and cozy. If you only had the fireplace it wouldn't feel as romantic. Decorating is a big part of the process and should be considered along the way.

Covered Structure: Covering the area with an open aired structure helps to create the perfect oasis. Not to mention you can enjoy your outdoor space all year long. Add a few heaters and you'll prefer to be outside in the cold of winter than inside. Remember that not all structures are created equal. The structure has architectural features that will add to the feel of the space. The ceiling, pitches of the roof, beam work, trimming, paint and stain will all add to the feel of the structure.

Plantings: The planting can be the most important part in creating your back yard retreat. You can completely ruin a great space with the lack of plants or the wrong design. Remember that it’s all the little details that come together in the end to make the space right. Plants are usually the last thing on people’s minds when creating the perfect space but it should be the number one. A misplaced tree or hedge can really ruin a space or the lack of color or smell can be the difference in a good space and a great space.

Water features: The sound of water in the background is one of the most peaceful sounds that can add that special touch to your sanctuary. The soft sound of a water pot or a waterfall in site of your sitting area will bring a whole new dimension to the backyard.

Audio/ Video/ Lighting: If you are as busy as most people, you will be spending most of your time in your backyard date night retreat in the evenings after work and when the kids go to bed. Therefore lighting is essential. Perfectly placed low voltage lighting will allow you to enjoy the outdoor ambiance without that blinding overhead light. Furthermore, great audio and video is a must. There is nothing like soft music playing in the background while you sip a glass of vino. Remember it's all in the details.

Call Kinwood today and let us help you create the perfect date night oasis right in your backyard!


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