Patio Planning 101

Are you staring outside at that slab of concrete your builder called a patio and thinking of ways you can spruce it up? Maybe if I add a couple more potted plants to the corners it will look better. How can I cover up that huge crack on the corner? Maybe a outdoor rug will work or maybe it is time you stop dreaming of replacing that unsightly slab and replace it with something that is both functional and beautiful. Here are some tips from the Kinwood Property Brothers on how to choose the right patio for you:

Gathering place or Getaway space?

Are you looking for that quiet space just big enough to sit cozy with the one you love and enjoy the privacy? Or are you looking to throw your next big party or family get together alfresco?

As they say in real estate: location, location, location.

That quaint getaway space is usually located off of the master suite or a more remote area toward the back of the property. When hosting parties have you ever noticed that people tend to hang out near the kitchen? This is why most people make their outdoor space easily accessible to the kitchen. Walk around the property to see the vantage points to determine the best location and size of your new outdoor patio. Some items to remember is the proximity to your neighbors, the current landscaping and the stone and or brick colors used on your house.

Like location, size matters.

Most people underestimate how big the patio should be. A good way to estimate is to envision you in your new space. While you are hosting a party how many people will congregate in this space? If you're outdoor space has a fireplace and or fire pit then you will have to include room for 5-6 chairs too.

There's no specific rule of thumb as to size, but if the site allows, design proportionately to the house, making the patio as wide as the house and as long as the house's height, or matching it to the size of an indoor room. Choose building materials to complement the color and style of your house. Natural materials like local stone are popular but expensive. Concrete pavers provide a lower-cost option, and they come in a wide range of colors, textures and shapes. If you use pavers, break up the space with plenty of plants and furniture.

Plan the landscaping.

Before putting down roots, really think about whether you're a plant lover or a low-maintenance person. You can always do the hardscape first and add plant material later. The surrounding area of the patio gives your patio the finishing touches it needs.

Finally, think about the extras.

A fireplace or fire pit provides evening appeal; a water feature adds ambiance and helps block noise from a busy street. Landscape lighting around the patio is lovely after the sun goes down, and a well-placed trellis can shade the hot afternoon sun and give privacy from a neighbor's second story.

Contact us today and let the Property Brothers help you plan your new outdoor oasis!

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