It's All In The Details

What really makes an outdoor space look and feel warm and inviting? What is the difference between a space you have to hangout in because it welcomes you to sit for hours and not want to leave and between a space that is just that, a space? Well, It is all in the details. The little things that get overlooked when creating an outdoor living space because of budget. Most people are just trying to get as much as they can for their dollar and overlook the features that will make the space special. Below are the top 5 overlooked items that are must haves.

1. Landscaping: This is the most overlooked must have out of them all and definitely the most important. Landscaping adds the most beauty and will make or break any outdoor living space. Our opinion is to sacrifice on other items (until later) and really max out the landscaping instead. The opposite is usually what happens. The landscape becomes an after thought or an i'll do it my self later thing. This is a mistake because a professionally landscaped space will add the most value and interest. The right landscaping will give you screening where you need it, or greenery in the right places that will look right all year, the right trees placed in the right spots is crucial along with pops of color to enjoy all year.

2. Outdoor Lighting: When does the busy homeowner use their space the most? At night, after a long day of work. Outdoor lighting in the background becomes the best place to put your money because nobody wants to sit in a dark space or even a too lit space. Warm up and down lighting throughout your well landscaped space will really make you want to enjoy your investment at all hours.

3. Furniture: Your outdoor space should invite the indoors out. This means the furniture should compliment the inside and overall vision of the house. Don't skimp here. A few nice pieces can make the space feel cozy. Bring the colors you love into the space with furniture and also remember to buy comfortable high quality couches like you would inside. Even if covered your outside furniture will take more of a beating then indoors so quality really matters. You don't want to investing your money into an amazing space and not love your furniture.

4. Irrigation: This one is pretty simple. Everyone thinks they will do the necessary watering but let me tell you, YOU WON'T! I'm not trying to be mean just realistic. You will have every intention of doing it, but life happens and it gets hot and then your beautiful landscape and sod takes a beating and never recovers. Don't do it! Protect your investment!

5. Flooring: I'm going to be real blunt. Cement sucks, especially stamped and aggregate. Their are so many other options out there that this shouldn't even be considered. Some real amazing options are: Travertine, pavers, bluestone, tile, slate or flagstone. All these options will add so much more interest and quality than a concrete. Yes, all cost a bit more but remember.... IT'S ALL IN THE DETAILS!

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