Design Ideas With Techo-Bloc

What makes Techo-Bloc best in class? Every. Single. Detail. As paving stone companies go, they are cut a little differently. Techo-Bloc curate textures from around the globe to design products that are beautiful on the surface and good to the core.
Rustic Feel
Nothing embodies rustic like the raw texture of wood. The Borealis concrete patio stone pushes the envelope on traditional landscapes by capturing the look & feel of real wood without the inevitable rotting effect. Building kitchen features like open-air grill islands, counters and pizza ovens with textured wall blocks that build better than natural stone, lets you entertain family and friends all summer long, for years to come. Nestling an outdoor kitchen amid greenery creates the ultimate rustic outdoor setting.


It’s plain to see how easy it can be to embrace the beauty of beige. Treated with a keen eye and a wink towards tasteful accessorizing, off-white clearly feels anything but vanilla. It’s the sublimely neutral canvas that gives the décor connoisseurs carte blanche to introduce, edit and change every other accessory and furnishing, should the mood strike. Go ahead and get a little creative with accentuating features – with dreamy cream as your base, you’ll never feel weighed down.

Small Space, Big idea

When dreams for your own outdoor getaway outsize the size of your backyard, don’t despair; it is possible to turn your patio into the perfect place for living large. Using smaller cobblestone-like pavers amongst larger stone slabs will give patios the illusion of space and help create distinct functionalities. Creatively choose features scaled to size, such as a garden fountain as a water-feature and a curtained pergola for added privacy to nestle in all summer long.


Outdoor living at its most, modern and sleek best. To go big or to go long; why choose? Both capture a modern, clean look. Whether you desire oversized slabs or lean, linear pavers paired with barely there seams, you’ll create visual interest. Keeping it uncluttered lets you create a breathtaking backyard outfitted with pristine and polished features like water walls, and sleek fire pits for stunning focal points.

So what style fits your home? Do you need help deciding? The amazing design team at Kinwood Landscape can help shape your vision and make it reality. Contact us here to make a no obligation design appointment now.

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