Nashville Property Brother's set Kinwood apart from the competition

Kinwood Landscape Design began in 2005 as the dream of brothers Shannon Smylie and Ryan Decker. Each was feeling unfulfilled in their professional careers, and after completing a project at Shannon's house, they decided to take the plunge and form their own company

Shannon, his son Aidan and Ryan on their first job in 2005

Specializing in everything from residential and commercial landscape design and maintenance, to pool installation and outdoor amenities, Kinwood can create fashionable, comfortable outdoor living spaces to meet any budget. Above all, Kinwood remains focused on customer service and satisfaction.

Shannon break ground on kinwood's first job after moving to Nashville. O'More College of Design, Franklin TN

Originally operating in Detroit, Kinwood moved to Nashville, Tennessee after Detroit was particularly hit hard in the economic downturn. Since their move, Kinwood has firmly established itself as one of the premier landscape companies in Middle Tennessee.

The property brother's created an innovative online design system in 2009. As Kinwood has grown, the brothers have worked to keep the company at the forefront of technology. In the beginning, Shannon would hand-draw his designs while Ryan would fill them in with colored pencils. These days, Kinwood uses a much more sophisticated and innovative online design system that allows them to do designs anywhere at any time. Known as the "Kinwood Experience," computer-generated three-dimensional renderings are presented to local clients as they enjoy a glass of wine in Kinwood's comfortable lounge. The renderings can be viewed from any angle, and even different times of day can be simulated. This state-of-the-art technology and attention to detail sets Kinwood apart from the competition

Another thing that sets Kinwood apart is the company's reputation for service. While start-up companies may swoop in and undercut the competition with ridiculously low bids, often they are not able to complete the projects, leaving the client out money - and with a construction-zone instead of an elegant outdoor living space. Kinwood is different. Kinwood has the experience and longevity to give clients peace-of-mind. The company is dedicated to client satisfaction and nothing is more important than making sure that each completed project is exactly what the client wanted.

The Property Brothers first job.

One unique feature of Kinwood's designs is the ability for clients to add on as their budgets allow. This means that each client's outdoor living space will maintain a clean, cohesive look as each new phase is completed. Plus, Kinwood's dedication to quality ensures clients will never have to worry about new additions not being installed to the standards of their current living spaces. In fact, much of Kinwood's business comes from repeat clients who are adding on to their current living space or have moved are looking for an extra special touch to truly make their new house their home.

The Property Brothers today

The brothers are proud of what Kinwood has grown into from its humble beginnings. Built on the philosophy that the client must be satisfied before any project can be completed, Kinwood has become the premier landscape company in the area. As the company enters it's tenth year, "Nashville's Property Brothers" will continue to uphold Kinwood's reputation of providing quality designs at reasonable prices, while maintaining the focus on customer service that has distinguished the company from its competition.

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