The Trend This Spring: Pergolas

There is no doubt that the hottest trend in landscaping continues to be the addition of formal outdoor living spaces. For many, what was once a casual deck or patio has now become a full-fledged entertaining area decorated with cozy furniture, a full kitchen, eating area, fireplace, high-tech electronics and every imaginable creature comfort. With this rise in the popularity of outdoor living spaces, it's no surprise that structures such as pergolas are also heavily in demand.

Classic pergolas are made of treated wood or durable timber like cedar, and typically feature columns and rafters. They can be built in a multitude of shapes and sizes to accommodate space and decorating taste. Structures like these help give the illusion of a room by providing "walls" and a "ceiling" while allowing for an open, breezy feel. The finished work is a defined, formal space that seamlessly blends with the outdoors and doesn't hamper the view of the sky or yard.

In addition to adding structure and definition to outdoor spaces, pergolas also offer a shady spot to retreat to during the sunny hours. In the evenings, soft outdoor lighting draped on the columns and rafters create a lovely ambiance. The architectural detail lends extra character and charm to your home.

Function and style notwithstanding, adding a pergola to your outdoor space is like adding a bonus room to your home and can help boost its value. Contact any of our knowledgeable and talented landscape designers and we'll work with you to engineer the best pergola for your yard. To schedule an appointment for a new wall or any other Kinwood service, call us at 615.373.3809

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