Living In Style

Spring is almost here and it's time to start thinking outside the home. The outdoor living space has become just as important as the inside. With so many different materials and furnishings we can make the outside just as gorgeous as the inside. The the first thing is figuring out what style is right for you.

Your style will make your outdoor space feel right to you. Getting this right from the beginning is crucial because the rest of your project will follow suit. For example: if you have a traditional style than you will want to use certain materials like non-tumbled pavers and clean lines. The plants will be completely different in a bohemian style over a modern lounge area.

Remember the outside can be a completely different style from the inside and styles can be mixed to an extent. We have designed and built everything from "modern bohemian" and "traditional rustic". There is no right or wrong answer but you do need to establish some ground rules while planning your outdoor space.

Rule 1: Always have a plan. Get all the details down on paper first. It will help in completing your project. Talk about your style with the designer and make lists and print out pictures of things you like and have him incorporate it into your plan. Make sure the plan is funtional but also represents your style.

Rule 2: Think about furnishings during the design phase. Envisioning how you will use the space and what furniture will be incorporated is crucial. This should also be in your plan. You can always make adjustments later but having an idea up front really makes life easier at the end.

Rule 3: Styles should complement not clash. If you want to blend styles, keep it to two. Have one be the main style and add in the other in small doses. For example; use traditional materials like pavers and brick but you may add a little bohemian to the space with a dark stained pergola over top with a few nice bohemian pots. Make it your own and have fun with it.

Rule 4: Don't get stressed over the project remember this is supposed to be fun. We all make bad decisions when we are stressed. Make this a fun process. Get the family involved to make decisions and consider their input so they will enjoy it too.

Rule 5: Keep your furnishings within the same styles you chose for the materials. Remember to keep it to two styles for the best results. Don't think you have to match what is inside your house but you do have to keep the outside within the same style.

Contact us today and let the Kinwood Property Brothers help you style your outdoor living space!

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