Brick Ovens Are Heating Up

Pizza ovens are quickly becoming one of the most popular additions to outdoor kitchens across the country. There are different styles of ovens from built in Wood Burning to Traditional Dome style or even Portable Cart units. Ovens come wood burning or gas. All the ovens cook pizza extremely well, but also have capabilities to cook any food that is normally cooked inside your oven but with better flavor. If you are on the fence about an outdoor pizza oven, the versatility of it will certainly win you over.

You can flash-bake a pizza at 750 degrees one day and slow-roast a leg of lamb overnight the next day. How do you get that versatility you might ask? Basically, you, as the chef regulate the heat environment needed to accomplish your various cooking styles. In a wood burning stove, for example when baking a pizza- the hotter temperature, the better.

While cooking a pizza in a wood burning oven, you would keep the door open and restock the fire every 20 minutes or so. Whereas, if your goal is roasting, you will bring the oven to a high temperature at first to sear the meat, but then allow the temperature to drop so the cooking process slows down and encourages meat tenderness. A major perk about the ovens is that they heat up faster than you'd think (most in less than 45 minutes and retain the heat for up to an hour). Just enough time to have seconds on your pizza!

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