When is "NOW" a Good Time To Plan Your Outdoor Living Space

Are you wondering when to start planning your outdoor project? The time is NOW. Depending on the scope of the project, the planning process can take months. There are many things to consider when planning an outdoor living space. Some of these can become time consuming and easily overlooked. Below are five things to consider when planning and scheduling your new outdoor space.

1. Building Regulations: The first step in planning your outdoor space is understanding what your properties building lines and codes are. Most people buy homes and have no idea where their building lines and property set backs are. We see a lot of people with large yards that can't build what they want because of the building lines being to close to the home. There are ways around these types of problems but they can be time consuming and frustrating for the homeowner to overcome. The red tape can be a long drawn out process.

2. Inspections/ Permits: Once Kinwood has the layout and property regulations the next step is getting approvals and permits. Sometimes there are septic lines or overhead electric lines to consider. This can require initial land inspections that need to be secured before permits are issued. Depending on the time of year, this part of the process can take months. You are at the mercy of the City or County depending on where you live. If there is a septic line or some sort of problem that occurs during this step, it will need to be rectified and approved before a permit can be issued. The inspection process begins before the plans are even considered. This can take months or up to a year in extreme cases. Kinwood has seen it all and can help avoid some of these pitfalls and time lags but it needs to be considered up front so everyone know what to expect.

3. Plans: After all the inspections and proper paper work is finalaized there is the plan. Usually the permit will be contingent on the plan, therefore this will need to be done while all the proper paperwork is being secured. The inspectors will want to see layouts, details and calculations on the plans before they will approve them. The plans can take a good amount of time depending on changes and scheduling. Outdoor projects are just like building a house. It can be complex and there are many things to consider that take time such as weather delays and the decicion process. It is best to get this process rolling as soon as possible because prior proper planning prevents poor performance.

4. Financing: Once the plans are ready and submitted. You will be waiting on approval from the City or County. This is a good time to get your finances in order. If you are getting a loan or need to transfer money it is best to get this in order. There is nothing worse than being ready to go and everyone is waiting on the bank. This happens a lot. Kinwood offers special financing for clients that are approved. There is a short approval process to complete before the money is transferred. If you are trying to wrap your outdoor space into a home mortgage, this can be very difficult and a lot of clients are unsuccessful with this. It takes a lot of time and usually ends in dissapointment. Take the time up front to get this secured so there is no surprises later.

5. Scheduling: So now your excited! You have secured financing, recieved all of the permits and approvals and your plan is perfect. Whats next? You will be put on a schedule. Any good construction company will be booked out a little ways. Especially now. We are in the beginning of a construction boom in Nashville. It is hard for contractors to keep up with the demand. There are over 80 people a day moving to Nashville causing a huge need for contractors. Not to mention that skilled labor is becoming hard to find and only so much work can be done at a time. Kinwood is here to help though. We can get you started in the right direction. WE have the knowledge and experience to make this process a smooth and exciting experience.

Remember to have patience and realize this is an investment. This is something great that you will enjoy for years to come and it may take time to get there.

Contact us today and let the Kinwood Property Brothers help you start planning your outdoor living space, NOW!

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