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March 31, 2020

You've worked hard to make the outside of your home a showplace and you're ready to really enjoy the fruits of your labor. Since you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors and surly entertaining, it may be time to add a versatile outdoor patio enclosure to your space. 



An outdoor patio enclosure can turn ordinary backyards into extraordinary living spaces and is a simple way to add an extra "bonus room" to your home. And once completed, your new room can be furnished with any amenity you desire such as: an outdoor fireplace, kitchen, bathroom, televisions, stereo speakers, a Jacuzzi, pool or ping pong table, workout equipment, and more. Similar to an interior room, you can further personalize your outdoor enclosure by adding a unique color scheme. However, instead of using carpet, wallpaper, or paint, you'll use carefully chosen landscaping, decorative planters that are only rivaled by the bright blooms planted in them, and patterned canvas canopies, furniture cushions, and throw pillows. The possibilities for both the enclosure and decor are endless. 



However simple or grand you make your enclosure is totally up to your taste and your vision for how the space will be used once it's completed. Although the structure can be screened in, we've found most homeowners prefer the airiness of open sides so they can enjoy the weather as well as be able to appreciate the views of their landscape. Not to mention that if your enclosure serves as a pool house, it will bring even easier access to swimmers who need to change or use the restroom (plus it will keep wet feet off your home's flooring).



The thought of having an outdoor enclosure is very appealing to most homeowners, and it can even add value to your home. However, many people may find the installation process daunting. They aren't sure how to best design the enclosure, they don't feel confident installing the electrical or the plumbing themselves, and they don't have all the right equipment to pull it off. Don't let the process keep you from the comfort of your outdoor living room. 



Simply contact us and let out experts help you with everything from design to installation to outfitting the enclosure with the right creature comforters. 



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