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You finally live in your forever house. The one that you have been dreaming of your whole life. Did you have to make some compromises in what you would eventually like to do to transform the look, colors and or landscape? Was one of those things on the list to tear out that old wooden deck and put in a new outdoor patio, kitchen and fireplace? The plan is to move in get settled and eventually get around to ripping out that old rotted deck and lattice work and finally build that dream space you have always wanted.

The First Step Is Admitting NO ONE Likes Lattice

The time comes to start looking and planning and what you find is that you can’t afford everything you are looking for. The Patio might cost $40,000 for everything you had planned. But you decide that you can compromise on the kind of stone so now it drops it down to $30,000. Now with that savings do you think you can add on that fireplace and or kitchen? Probably not but with proper planning you can make sure you lay the ground work so you can save money when you are ready to start building phase two.

Most of Kinwood’s customers are returning customers because when we sit down and layout the master plan we ask the right questions. Did you know that 75% of our customers think that they can get everything on their budget before the initial meeting? After we meet with them we go over the added touches that are going to add value in your home by not skimping by with stained concrete and or a lower quality of products that will not hold their value.

"We can layout the master plan and work with you to build that oasis you are looking for building in phases"

-Shannon Smylie, Owner at Kinwood Landscape.

The first phase can include the groundwork like running electrical and plumbing under the patio so when you are ready for phase two it’s already done and we don't have to remove anything we already have in place.

Phase two is the outdoor kitchen, now that you already have the right plan you can properly plan for exactly what you want with no surprise cost.

Phase three can add in the outdoor kitchen and by planning this through phases you already know the perfect place for it and can enjoy your time envisioning it.

Phase four adds that final touch of landscaping and accent pots to add that final touch so you can finally enjoy your entire space.

Contact Kinwood today to get a phased out design plan to work within your budget. Remember when planning in phases you want to ensure the company you choose to work with will be in business when you are ready to start your next phase. Kinwood is proud to be celebrating our 10 year anniversary.

"We are committed to our customers and the quality of work we provide"

-Ryan Decker, Owner at Kinwood Landscape

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